Two-Factor Authentication

Add Stronger Security to Your Account
Is just a password enough?
If your password is stolen or hacked you could be at risk. Two-Factor Authentication keeps out the hackers, even if they have your password.
Something you know(your password) and something you have(your phone)
Two-Factor Authentication provides increased security for everything that you access with your Norton account. It does so by requiring your password as usual and a special verification code when you sign in. This code is specific to your account and changes every time you sign in. With Two-Factor Authentication added, even if someone steals or guesses your password they would also need your phone to access your account.
How it works
Your first layer of protection for your account is your password. Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of protection in the form of a special verification code unique to your account.

When you sign in you will:

1) Enter your email and password as usual.

2) Enter the verification code

Verification codes are sent to your phone via voice, text or a free mobile app and can only be used once.
Secure and simple
You can always tell us to not ask for a code on a particular computer or device. We will still ask for the code if you or anyone else tries to sign in from any other device. This way you have a faster sign-in on your devices, while still maintaining the added security on all other devices.
Add stronger security to your account for free